Kundalini Awaken

Shamanika is a vocalist and composer from Poland. She is known in dub scene from the band Zebra. As solo artist she released an album "Gory Porusze" in 2018. She is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher (Piara Ravi) and she is fascinated by the healing powers of mantra. The new album “Kundalini Awaken” is built on the mantras & shabads from the Sikh's tradition. The lyrics are inspired on the translations of these secret texts. The music is made by Pablo Raster, italian producer living in Poland who released dozens of albums and performed more than 1000 concerts.

The album contains 12 tracks with different music influences, from more meditative moods to energetic and uplifting grooves.

On stage, the duo performs an electronic live set with loops, effects and live dubbing, making the audience dancing into shamanic trance, healing themself through the power of music.

The album “Kundalini Awaken” will be available from 20th April 2020 in download from https://pabloraster.bandcamp.com and in all the major audio streaming service.

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