Dub Addicted

Dub Addicted, the new album by the veteran italian dub producer Pablo Raster is due out for 20th February 2018, published by the future dub french label ODGprod. It will be available in free download on the label's website (www.odgprod.com) and in an extended version on all digital platforms (www.pabloraster.bandcamp.com).

A 15 tracks heavy dubs and guest artists like Don Fe, Dan I Locks, Fikir Amlak, Yugo Taguchi and Sandro Paradisi and young talents like Jakub Selassie (Poland), Weedax (Spain), Juniah Kinky (Italy), Pirutz (Italy), Armin (Italy). Mastering is made by Simone Squillario in Hybrid Studio (Turin, Italy) and the cover design is made by Maria Papaefstathiou (Athens, Greece). The album is presented by Maken, legend of Polish reggae, speaker in Strefa Dread, the famous reggae radio program in Polskie Radio.

Dub Addicted is an international album full of energy, that rapresents the passion for bass music, sound systems and dub culture by dub lovers of all around the world. Moreover, it's the first album produced in Pablo Raster's new recording studio, based in Wroclaw, Poland. It rapresent a new step into the releases of the italian producer, a possible milestone in the dub music scene. Listeners will be fascinated by the incredible amount of melodies and recorded instruments as well as heavy bass lines and straight digital steppa kicks.

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